Video Walkthrough

A video walkthrough of a TITAN analysis created by Mahfuj Choudhury and Samira Osman, as part of an In2Research 2023 project:

Best practises for data acquisition

Advice and tips for acquiring titration measurements, created by Samira Osman and Mahfuj Choudhury as part of an In2Research 2023 project:

FBP Nbox Example

This is an illustrated walkthrough of the analysis of a titration of 15N-labelled FIR RRM1-RRM2 with the FBP Nbox peptide, acquired to investigate the interaction of FIR RRM1-RRM2 with FBP and FBP3 as part of a broader study of the FUSE system for regulation of c-myc transcription during the cell cycle (Cukier et al. NSMB 2010). The data and analysis transcripts are provided in the directory examples/FBPNbox/.